Restaurant Education that Energizes Your Team

A First — Formal Certification to Attract, Upskill and Retain Talent

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When it becomes a restaurant career, and not just a job, that’s when you experience the big wins.

ServSuccess, the new professional development program for restaurants, helps you build employee pride and the professionalism that wins business. The industry’s first formal certification program trains employees for specific restaurant career paths. The result - a new standard for service and a fresh employee experience.

Most importantly, it helps employees live their dreams. And that gives them a reason to stay.

Why ServSuccess?

Benefits include:

  • Developing highly credible career paths
  • Building higher level of skills and competencies
  • Attracting and retaining quality talent
  • Reducing costs through a systematic program
  • Engaging employees with an online, 24x7 format

Provides Visibility into Career Paths

Creates a Best-In-Class Learning Experience

  • Full online learning suites or individual courses
  • Interactive study guides
  • Multiple device and format options
  • Small “bite-sized” learning units (microlearning)
  • Adaptable for diverse needs and schedules

Offers Certification that Earns Credibility and Respect

  • Proctored exams
  • Renewals every 5 years
Certified Restaurant Professional (CRP)
Certified Restaurant Professional

  • Front-of-the-house knowledge and service culture
  • Back-of-the-house and restaurant kitchen knowledge
  • Product quality and cost control
  • Branding and marketing

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Certified Restaurant Supervisor (CRS)
Certified Restaurant Supervisor

  • Implementation of company policies
  • Meeting customer service and quality assurance goals
  • Leadership
  • Workplace safety
  • Cost control

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Certified Restaurant Manager (CRM)
Certified Restaurant Manager

  • Financial management and performance
  • Purchasing and cost control
  • Finding, hiring and training employees
  • Managing employee performance
  • Safety & regulations
  • Marketing planning and evaluation

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Easy to Manage

ServSuccess creates a completely new energy about the restaurant profession.  And it sends an important message to your team: You’re a pro. And we care about your future.

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